Notes de Cours


Class 1 – Introduction: Interview with Gary Becker Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 and new book by Gregory Clark Have and have not

Class 2 – Family and macro behavior: Do not panic by Hans Rosling and Slides

Class 3 – Time use and happiness: Want to find a man that does housework? and Slides

Does having choice make us happier?

Class 4 – Culture: TED talks by Ngozi Adichie (Danger of a single storyWe should all be feminists) and Slides

Class 5 –  Nature and nurture: TED talks by Dean Ornish and Steven Pinker, article by Ed Smith and Slides

Class 6 – Marriage and assortative mating: Slides

Class 7 – Non-traditional families: Slides

Class 8 – Prostitution: Slides

Class 9 – Bargaining over fertility: Slides