The main objective of the undergraduate level economics program me is to provide students the ability to comprehend and to analyze economic problems such as decision making, the structure and functioning of markets and economies, and public debate about economic policy. To this end students follow the main economics courses such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics, banking and finance, theory of money, growth and development. At the same time, they take several courses on mathematics, statistics and econometrics which provide them the necessary tools for a solid scientific analysis. Business, accounting and law courses, which are complementary to economic education, are also the basic elements of department education.

In addition to basic economics education, students can acquire knowledge in several original fields such as financial markets, tax system, public finance, Turkey’s economy, the world economy, EU economy, industrial economics, institutional economics, labor economics, environmental economics, by taking elective courses.

The students who have successfully completed this programme are awarded the Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.

The Department of Economics offers a double degree in collaboration with Université 1 Paris Sorbonne. Within the scope of this program, faculty members from Sorbonne come and teach at Galatasaray University.

The graduates of the programme has wide employment opportunies in various sectors including business, finance, and government organizations as well as in international organizations.