Course : Macroeconomics I

Instructor : Ozan BAKIŞ

GSU Code : ECK551

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of macroeconomic issues from
both short- and long-run perspectives. We will see how output, employment, interest
rate, inflation and growth rates are determined in a decentralized economy. We will begin
by short-run models that explain aggregate fluctuations and continue with main
growth models: Solow model, neoclassical growth model and endogenous growth

Each student has to present a paper (using slides) from the reading list. The papers
to be presented are listed at the end of each lecture/topic. If the paper you want to
present is not on this list, let me know.

You are required to read carefully the papers listed below each topic.

Your final note is a weighted average of attendance (10%), a midterm (20%), a final
exam (50%) and your presentation (20%). The dates are to be determined.